Mel Wicks


Everybody has a story to tell

You know you’ve got a great business. You know you can make a difference. It’s obvious to you why customers should be flocking to your door, but you can’t seem to find the right words to say all of that. To tell your story.

And it gets worse.  

Even if you did have the time to write beautifully crafted and persuasive copy, there’s a scary new on-line minefield to negotiate called content marketing. Or at least, that seems to be the direction everyone’s heading in. Leaving you behind.

But you know what?  You’re not alone and you haven’t been left behind.

I’m a professional writer with over 25 years’ experience in marketing and business growth. I can help you find the right audience, craft the words they want to hear, and design your marketing  – on line and off – to get the right results for your business.

So don’t feel stuck.  Let me help you transform your marketing and tell your story.  Today.