Mel Wicks

A bit about me

Freelance Writer OK, that’s enough about me

Let’s talk about how I can help you, because that’s why you’re here.

Do you want to transform your dusty old website into a sleek new one your customers will love?  Or perhaps you need an email campaign that drives more traffic to your site.

Or do you need to get a press release issued tomorrow, or an ad to the paper next week?

You might have a grant deadline looming, or a business presentation that needs polishing.

Maybe you’ve always thought about starting a business blog but you’re not sure how or why, and you don’t really understand the difference between a blog and a newsletter. And anyway, you’ve tried a newsletter in the past and it didn’t really work. But your competitor has a blog, and a Facebook page, so perhaps you should have both.  And you’re not sure how an email campaign and a landing page fits into all of that.

Stop!  Goodness. You do need help.

Sometimes it’s a matter of taking a few steps back, a couple of deep breaths and saying “Why I am doing all of this? What is it that my customers actually want, am I delivering it and how do I tell them?”  Finding the answers to these questions is where I come in.

So how does all that work?

As a marketer and previous business owner, I take a very strategic approach to the craft of copywriting. I believe it’s not all about you and your business.

It’s about your customers.

It’s about understanding how and where to connect with them.  It’s the way your story makes them feel and, ultimately, do.  So I start by asking you lots and lots of questions, and challenging your assumptions.  I’ll work with you to find the right marketing approach, and then craft the words to captivate your audience.

And it’s not all about content marketing. 

Content marketing is an important element of what I do. But I have also written letters to government ministers, grant submissions and tenders worth millions of dollars, advertising campaigns for consumer products, media releases galore, and brochures for professional services, to name just a few. 

But wait, there’s more!

In my former life as a marketing consultant I honed my research skills (essential for a writer), and worked closely with web developers, printers and graphic designers in the creation of websites, blogs, print ads, brochures and newsletters. This means I can not only write your website or brochure content, but also fully coordinate the design and production  of your on-line presence and all other marketing material at the same time. You simply tell me what you need, and I make it all happen.