Mel Wicks

Marketing Writing

Content comes in all shapes and sizes

Sometimes it’s one small press ad; while at other times you need to spread the message across a number of different elements such as brochures, press releases, newsletters and websites. These examples demonstrate how I have worked with graphic and web designers to adapt specific messages to a variety of formats.


Websites are the ‘window to the corporate soul’.  They set the tone for your company, tell the story about your brand, and motivate people to take the action you want. We all need one, so writing engaging and relevant content is essential, whatever the subject matter or industry you are in.  Here’s a couple I wrote recently and; and here’s another one

“Mel wrote the content for my website and managed to turn a relatively dry subject matter into something interesting and engaging. I’m really happy with the outcome. It reads like a story, and it’s not full of the predictable jargon you see on most technical industry websites. She’s working on my second website now.”

Gerard Battiato, General Manager, Australian Hydraulic Services

And one more

You have done an amazing job and we are both extremely happy.  Thank you so very much, Mel – you are a legend!”

Fiona MacLean, Senior Partner, T3 Partners

Blogs provide immediate and relevant content to your customers, directly into their inbox. You can add value to their lives, start a two way conversation, and bring your brand’s personality to life. And if those weren’t enough reasons, recent data  found small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. Here’s a blog I edit. We launched it with one carefully crafted email message which had an immediate result of new subscribers, 20% of which were not on the original list, but had been forwarded the email.  I am currently writing the launch strategy for two other blogs, which I will detail here once they go live.  

Print Advertising

I love writing. I love hitting that sweet spot when all the right words fall into place, and even the commas know how to behave.  And I love it when clients say things like:

“Mel, your first draft was a work of art”.

Melisa Lickfold, Property Manager, Weipa Real Estate

That’s almost better than getting paid.  Writing print ads can be like that. Here’s a few examples.

Print ad








Brochures, Flyers and Other Bits and Bobs

Here are some samples of different brochures and other marketing documents I have written.

Brochure Content