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The 20/20 Group

Jodi Peters, Co-founder

Jodi Peters, Co-founder


A Strong Network of Experts

2003, I co-founded The 20/20 Group Australia, a well-respected, multi-disciplined business and marketing firm.

At the beginning of 2014, my two partners and I swapped the constraints of a traditional office for the freedom and flexibility of a virtual one. We also threw off the shackles that come with being generalist business consultants and each of us now focuses on a particular area of expertise, to offer a more dedicated and relevant service as individual specialists.

Market Research

Gaye Scott, Co-founder

While my area of expertise is business and marketing writing, my business partners Gaye Scott and Jodi Peters are – respectively – a market researcher and a management advisor. Read more about Gaye and Jodi.

As individual operators we retain a strong connection via The new 20/20 Group which continues to exist as a membership-based group of skilled professionals, each with their own unique service offering. From time to time we also work together on special projects, particularly for valued and long standing clients with whom we have forged close relationships over the past 12 years or more.

Business Writer

Mel Wicks, Co-founder


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